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A Bag of Dicks

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How does it work?

1. Choose your topping - Standard D&B or get nerdy with "The Accountant" (this is code for 'Please Add Nerds' because you're an intel-lick-tual)

2. Send your bag anonymously or go all out, throw caution to the wind and let them know their BOD is from you!

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Every order is sent via Express Post in an insulated bag, because nobody likes a soft cock. We only send Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays.

The delectable fine print

Salty Mail does not take any responsibility for the messages written on items, we are instructed what to write when the product is purchased. We do not alter or change this in anyway. However, nobody can use our services to threaten, harass, violate a legal restraint or any unlawful purposes. When purchasing you agree that this is in humor, a gag gift and for entertainment purposes - we only want to bring smiles and laughter!

We reserve the right to cancel any orders we may perceive as

(a) being sent with ill intent; or

(b) feature images of a minor that may be considered inappropriate.

You must be over the age of 18 to order. When you order from our website you agree to release Salty Mail from all and any liability associated with the use of our services.

We all know at least one dickhead. You know the type. They make you want to scream internally with every stupid word that comes out of their stupid mouth. Well, this my friends, is for those dickheads.

Meet Salty Mail's Bag of Dicks. Yep. It's exactly what you think it is. A bag of milk chocolate dicks, dedicated to the big dicks in your life (and not the good kind!)

While dicks are best enjoyed hard, life is not. So we've created the easiest and most delicious way to tell someone to EAD (that's lazy people speak for 'Eat a Dick')

There has never been an easier way to bring laughter, joy and penises to those around you.

So if you have wondered what is up Janet from HR's ass more times than you can count today, it sounds like it's time to add to cart.

Contains: 4 dicks